Tuesday, January 08, 2008

33 and 1/3

The Big Ell Movie

I ganked this from Des' blog and thought it was pretty cool.
Open your itunes/media player/winamp. Press play.
Make sure it's set to random play.
Type the title and artist, then move to the next question, and click the next button, and so on....

The soundtrack for the Big Ell movie:
  • Opening Credits: "Jesus, Etc." by Wilco (sweet, a little slow for me, oh well)
  • Waking Up: "Before the end of the Race" by Sloan (Not bad, a nice ditty from the Canadian indie rockers)
  • First Day At School: "When Fusion Ruled the Earth" by Spiderbait
  • Falling In Love: "A Little More for Little You" by the Hives (funny on so many different levels)
  • Fight Song: "Quality" by Talib Kweli (its no wonder I got my ass kicked)
  • Breaking Up: "Get it Together" by Jurassic 5 (not bad but this was a shit album)
  • Prom: "Selah" by Lauryn Hill
  • Life's Okay: "1970s" by the Stooges (awesome, fucking awesome, life is great!)
  • Mental Breakdown: "Jolene" by Dolly Parton (yes, I rock the Dolly from time to time, fuck you)
  • Driving: "Tainted" by Slum Village (I forgot how cool this track is and it's slow like my driving)
  • Flashback: "Yesterday" by Ray Charles (Yes it is a Beatles cover)
  • Getting Back Together: "Let's Impeach the President" by Neil Young
  • Wedding: "Keep them Coming" by Wayne Wonder (Yes a reggae wedding)
  • Birth of Child: "Rec-Room Therapy" by Ghostface Killah ("Bitches with baby fat swinging that")
  • Final Battle: "Baker Street" by Jerry Rafferty (wow, maybe we fight to the death with saxophones or in the courts)
  • Death Scene: "Kick the PA" by Korn and the Dust Brothers (Not bad, but not great, much like this idea)
  • Funeral Song: "Kon Karne" by MF Doom (funny, as this song has a nice piano run with what sounds like lazers shooting, classy)
  • End Credits: "I Don't Know For Sure" by Husker Du (fucking awesome and a great way to end the movie)
Here is some more Husker Du, cause I know you want it:

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