Tuesday, January 08, 2008

33 and a 1/3

2007 was a phenomenal year for music. Last year, in the weak 2007, I found it difficult to find even 20 albums to contemplate for my list. This year I have ten honorable mentions that could have made the top ten in 2006. All of these albums are worth giving a listen to and come back in the next few days for the Top Twenty Countdown. What to expect from the top 20. There was more quality electronic music. There are much more high quality hard rock and heavy metal bands; almost like the late 1980s without the hair. There are tons of great rock and roll music from the indies to the majors. The most disappointing aspect of 2007 was weak ass hip hop. Well here are the bands that couldn’t make the cut, in no particular order. Album. artist and record labels for the neophytes.

Honorable Mention

Neon Bible by The Arcade Fire (Merge)

Good, Bad, Not Evil by Black Lips (Vice)

The Big Doe Rehab by Ghostface Killah (Def Jam)

Cross by Justice (Ed Banger/Vice)

Person Pitch by Panda Bear (Paw Tracks)

Return of the Mac by Prodigy (Koch/The Informers)

Era Vulgaris by Queens of the Stone Age (Interscope)

Ear Drum by Talib Kweli (Blacksmith)

From Here We Go Sublime by The Field (Kompakt)

In Defense of the Genre by Say Anything (RCA)

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Sean Reilly said...

Your blog looks great Ell. Sorry I haven't dropped by in so long. I mistakenly thought you had put it aside.

I just tried to phone Taiping, but no loving. When do you leave? I'm in Tou Liou for the next three days, but they're light days.