Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wasting Time

With three posts in a month, Big Ell is on a roll. I will try to keep the momentum going with another installment of Wasting Time. This week I seem to have a music theme developing so I will continue with some excellent music links and videos.

My last post was about the Beijing Olympic theme song. In keeping with group sing a longs for a cause I have included the Hear N Aid All stars. USA for Africa had nothing on these guys. Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford and Don Dokken (among others) on the mic. Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister), Neal Schon (Journey) and Yngwie Malmsteen (among others) on guitars and lead a 3-4 minute long multiple guitar solo. Well here it is:

Back in the early 90s I attended the University of Calgary. I hated the school, thought it was shit and transferred. Traditionally one of the worst schools in Canada I finally have found the straw that broke the university’s reputation. I don’t give a toss about Nash, Game Theory or Minimum Acceptable Offers but Bon Scott kicks Brian Johnson’s ass every day and night from Cairns to Perth.

If you are in a band and play post punk tunes or just dig bands like Fugazi and Jawbreaker this is the amp for you.

The Motor City Madman is at it again. This video from a few days back is freaking hilarious. I can just imagine the reaction by Fox News if Kanye West held an asault rifle and threatened Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani in concert. Gotta love Ted Nugent even if he is insane.

This link has nothing to do with Music but I think I saw a few of these people at Rock Festivals around Taiwan this summer. I think Stalking Cat and Rick Genest work at either Hess or Gram English Centers.


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