Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Strait Dope

With the new school year upon us some teachers will be trying to think of some new ways to gain the attention of their students. At the bottom of this post is a clip from Youtube of the Bejing Olympics theme song "We are Ready." I know it only has three English words but with the level of English in Taiwan in a free fall it may be all your students can handle.

I hate Mado-pop with every inch of my soul but have found some useful uses for this song outside of the classroom. I use it as a diet aid, I listen after eating and don't need to purge, my body does it all by itself. Projectile vomiting always ensues.

I did notice that two of the singers appear to be Taiwanese sellouts singers but I can't confirm this myself. Johnny Neihu wrote about this song and said that two are Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) and Chris Yu (游鴻明) which is probabyl true. The best part about songs like this is the fake emotion. Maybe I am too cynical and the emotion is real. I think it may have to do with singers being afraid of having their organs harvested if they look like they are faking.

Also click through to the Youtube page and read the comments , high comedy on all sides.

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