Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wasting Time

Another month has rolled on by so I guess it is time for another post. I have been culling the blogosphere for the best links/articles/videos for you my reader. So without further adieu, here is another dose of Big Ell's Wasting Time.

Once upon a time I was in university. Before I entered university I dreamed of fraternities. I always thought that it would be very cool to rush a fraternity. I could play pranks on other frats, get drunk all the time sleep with hot sorority chicks. Well, university was rather disappointing; I never managed to join a frat or screw any sorority chicks, but boy did I get drunk, a lot. I don't think the two universities I attended had very many frats or they probably wouldn't have had me. The closest I came to being a part of a fraternity was in 91 or 92. Me anda group of friends crashed a Frat party and ended up smashing up the living room and a number of frat guys. I think the rumble was over beer or maybe Metallica. I think those fuckers thought the Black Album was the quintessential Metallica album or maybe we chugged all of their beer and my friend Rick vomited all over the living room, I really can't remember. That was also the night I drove my 72 Impala into the neighbors Chevy S10. My point is ... do I have a fucking point? Actually yes, when I dreamed of frats I dreamed that all the girls would be like this girl. This link was stolen from the Sports Guy.

Not only does Big Ell provide you with inane stories of his youth but he also provides the answers to questions that need answering.
  • How often is a new porno video made in the States? Every 39 minutes: a new pornographic video is being created in the United States.
  • How much money per capita do Taiwanese spend on porn? Taiwanese spend $43.41 a year on porn.
  • What percentage of Promise Keeper men viewed porn in the last week? 53% of Promise Keeper men viewed porn last week.
If you want any more porn statistics (I know you do) please check out the link to Pornography Statistics 2007.

I am in the midst of a long weekend here in Taiwan, so I have been watching a lot of bad TV. One thing that caught my attention was a feature called "Gay Conversion," on CNN. I didn't actually watch it but did some research and found that it is actually called Reparative Therapy and can involve all sorts of stuff but I was more interested in the cases of electro-shock treatment to the genitals. Snoop Dogg was right when he screamed "Deeze Nuts!" I was also surprised to find that Ted Haggerty has already been converted back to heterosexuality. If you don't remember Mr. Haggerty he is the minister who got caught getting a hummer from a male prostitute in a hotel room while high on Crystal Meth. Much to my dismay I couldn't find any mention of the doctors shocking his nuts. Anyway my cousin Stephen sent me this link to a video from Godtube. It shows former Homosexual Robert Breaud singing "Transformed by Jesus Christ." No mention if he had his genitals shocked but be sure to check out the comments for some additional hilarity. And remember "God created Adam and Eve ... not Adam and Steve."



porkbarrel said...

Wow, either porn is fantastically expensive in S. Korea, or every guy there has severe carpal tunnel conditions. $527 a year?!! Can it be true?

thenebulonfry said...

why watch porn when you can gorge yourself on season 4 of The Wire? Here is a link to a torrent for that season you are looking for. the leech seed ratio isn't great but "be patient, young Skywalker..."