Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fabulous Formosa

Today was a glorious day in Taichung. After a few days of almost biblical rain fall I spent the day moving stuff; refrigerators, tables, ovens etc. I hate moving stuff. The primary reason I is that I was forced to move my father's house and or studio pretty much every year from when I was 14 to 22. I also didn't get paid, well not exactly, I did get beer and smokes from time to time.

During my day of moving I managed to stop at one of Taichung's newer all-day breakfast joints, Our House Cafe, and was happily surprised at the quality of the food and the service. It was almost the exact opposite of my experience a few weeks earlier at another Taichung all-day breakfast eatery. I arrived early as a bird and waited for over an hour for my food. I reasoned that the waitress had made a mistake and given my breakfast to another person. I was surprised when she still tried to give it to me after parts had been eaten.

Anyway, today was a much better experience and owner DeShea was friendly and puts out some great grub especially the ground pork patty things, sweet. It is located behind the defunct SOGO 2 a block off Chung Kang Road. If you are heading downtown hang a right at the World Gym and a left after Subway and it is about a block down on the right. If you're coming from the other way do the opposite.

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