Sunday, September 04, 2005

Big Ell's Soap Box

I haven’t had very much time to write about politics. I find it difficult to find time to surf the net for politics when I could be surfing porn, downloading music or looking for fight videos. I have left it to the Gentle Rant, Chaon, Professor Turton and Red A to post witty and informative informative pieces on American politics. Normally when I find an interesting story and finally get around to writing something about it is very old news. Big Ell’s Soapbox will attempt to rectify this situation. I plan on posting links and comments about things that I find odd, funny or downright offensive.

I have managed to watch quite a bit of the devastation in New Orleans and I find it quite depressing. There is so much information on the internet that I don’t think I have very much to add to the issue . I did find this at Gorilla Mask where he shows some pictures from Yahoo News where a black man is pictured and is said to have been looting a grocery store while Yahoo News claims that some white folks were finding food at a supermarket. I think they were just surviving.

Here is an audio clip of the Mayor of New Orleans Ray Naggin. He is ‘pissed,’ about the lack of support from the American Federal Government. “Get off your asses and let’s do something!”

5000 American troops have entered Tall Afar. Will Tall Afar become the next Fallujah? Colonel H.R McMaster bristes at the comparisons but does think that Tall Afar is a ‘microcosm,’ of Iraq’s problems. He does have ambitous plans, “"I don't want to kill this city, I want to bring it back to life…” For the citizens of Tall Afar I hope he is able to resurrect a city while destroying it at the same time.

Nick Turse writes a funny article about the American Army’s choice of restaurants. J-Hole will be happy to know that the US Army loves barbeque to the tune of $164,828 at 13 restaurants in 2004. I wasn’t surprised that the Army doesn’t frequent many Japanese restaurants. I was surprised that they did manage to spend $82,291 at a restaurant in Guatemala. I imagine that the Chiles Rellenos and Chicken Pepian were delightful.

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Marc said...


Good to meet you the other night! I'll definitely be down to Taichung before I leave to have a good 'fireside' chat but with any of the innaness (sp?) that that yank prick seems to enjoy.

Take care.

BigEll said...

Nice to meet you too Marc. Hopefully we can hook up earlier in the evening so i'll be more coherent. Been listening to some Dolphy and I know what you mean.

Marc Kets said...


I am the last man to listen to Dolphy or any of that with at the moment. I literally get the jazz shakes, followed by the wild look in my eye and the inevitable shouting and beer swilling. God I love jazz.

There is literally nothing than being in a room with people who are possesed by some demon that drives them down whatever path they've chosen. Too many people are taking the Lincoln down to the land of the safe, and not enough of us are in a beat up Dodge with the radio blarring flashing signs at the dull. We got to stick together.

I actually thought you were quite coherant the other night. Should've seen me climbing in the white womb thing outside Pierre's place at 8am. Truly sad.

You got a thank on the new flyer, mostly for keeping me entertained with your writing on here. Highly entertaining stuff. Keep 'em coming.