Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wasting Time

Typhoon Talin appears to have left Taiwan to begin terrorizing China. Normally I enjoy Typhoons as much a sthe next guy. The positives of time off work and clean air for a few days far outweigh the negatives of deth and destruction. Typhoon Talin wasn’t a very friendly typhoon. First, he knocked out my power. Second, he scared the shit out of my dog causing many accidents. Third, he scared the shit out of my wife and I; fortunately only a few small accidents. Fourth, he knocked out our power making the enjoyment of a day off even more difficult. Fifth, he knocked out our cable making my wife bored and a little testy. Well anyway the power is back on and I have some time to update my blog with more Wasting Time.

Black Metal rocks! I always wanted to be a black metal rocker. I wanted to join a Black Metal band but I don’t enjoy wearing mascara and nail polish so I wasn’t allowed to join.

Big Ell is going to be a parent soon and I plan on playing numerous pranks on my children. I was thinking about traditional pranks like whoopee cushions rather than reenacting scenes from recently watched horror movies. I now have to rethink the types of pranks I will utilize.

Pimp sent me this link and I liked it so much I posted it. Dancing Matt quit his job to dance on all of the continents.

I quit playing video games a few years ago. Every once in a while I will play NBA Live or Madden but that’s about it. Anyway check out this link. Now I know why people play these never ending on-line games.

This is a link to some Computer Stupidities. Some are pretty funny but most are boring much like this feature.

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Megan said...

Congrats on the new wee'un, or wee sprog if you prefer! Is THAT how you know about the 3D ultrasound?! I just thought you were super in-touch with your feminine side!