Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Life and Times of Big Ell

After an interesting and frightening trip back to Canada, Big Ell is back blogging. Big Ell would have been back sooner but three days of the Republican National Convention almost killed Big Ell. Everyone knows Big Ell is a big fan of bullshit but such a large amount was hard on Big Ell's gigantic stomach. Big Ell is disenfranchised, disgusted and disturbed at the world and more importantly his position in it. So Big Ell returns to his pseudo-life in his pseudo-country to continue his pseudo-McJob. Big Ell does have big plans for Big Ell's Blog but apathy and procrastination have a way of curtailing the best of Big Ell's intentions. Anyway, Big Ell has now included a reading list with links to show what is sitting on Big Ell's bed side table. The reading list is on the sidebar under interesting links. Big Ell will post book reviews when Big Ell finishes the books. Big Ell hopes that all the Big Ell-ites check out the books and maybe even take the time to read one of them.

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