Saturday, September 11, 2004

9/11 In Plane Sight

It has now been three long years since that fateful September morning when to quote American country star Alan Jackson "The world stopped turning." I am sorry Mr. Jackson but the world didn't stop turning except for the 10-20 brain cells in yours or any of your fans heads. Now over 1300 Americans have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. This doesn't even take into account the many coalition casualties or the losses of corporate America's soldiers of fortune. The war on Islam shows no signs of slowing. I am not sure how many Afghanis or Iraqis have died, but in keeping with the mainstream American media, I will quote WWE wrestler The Rock "IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER." Well anyway, I have included a link to a documentary that deserves a look. It looks into the events of September 11th and makes some interesting points. I don't know enough about engineering to be able to critique the documentary but I found some of it interesting. If you believed any of the stories of mobile chemical labs or that democracy is blossoming in Afghanistan give this a pass. If anybody knows of any links that can refute the findings, please let me know.9/11 In Plane Sight

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