Friday, January 05, 2007

33 and a 1/3

Big Ell's Best Of 2006

2006 was an excellent year in music. When I was writing my 2005 year in review (never finished) I found it hard to find any decent albums to make the list. This year there were lots of top shelf releases in many different genres. It was a nice mix of old, new and with some comebacks thrown in for good measure. For the next few days (I hope), I am going to look at the top releases for 2006. I will begin with the albums that failed to make my final cut.

Honorable Mention:

Eagles of Death Metal-Death by Sexy

Death by Sexy is not the greatest album but has some decent tracks. I am a sucker for anything by Mark Lanegan and Josh Homme (even if he is playing the drums). This album kept me satiated in 2006 for the new Queens of the Stone Age album that is duews out sometime in 2007.

The Falcon- Unicornography

2006 was another abysmal year in punk music. The Falcon was the only punk album under consideration. I long for the return of some decent punk. Punk was the first music genre that I truly embraced. Even though I was suburban poseur it was nice to hear bands screaming and wailing about something. Now it seems that punk rock has been consumed by corporations. Who pump out endless records of stale music for the shitty mall rat poseur set. Anyway, the Falcon rock and do are a throwback to the old days.

Lupe Fiasco- Food and Liquor

This is Hip Hop for the backpack wearing skateboard set. Lots of folks really dug this album and he does flow like a young Jay Z. To be honest I only really liked this album. It does have soem great lyrics and Kick Push is a pretty catchy track even though it is about a love affair between a skater boy and skater girl.

Killswitch Engage- As Daylight Dies

This probably would have made the top ten but I found it in late December and have not listened to it enough. I like the mix of screaming and singing and the brutal guitar riffs are breathtaking. I was never much into grindcore but it seems to be a happy antidote to the sugar sweet soft music I am forced to endure in Taiwan.

Bob Dylan- Modern Times

Maybe I am getting old but I really dug this album. Normally I would rather have my eyes stabbed than listen to any kind of folk music. This is why I pretty much hated most of Dylan’s stuff. I always appreciated his talent but his nasally voice didn't do much for me. But I really liked this album especially when he's perving on Alicia Keys. Dirty old man.

J Dilla (Jay Dee)- Donuts

Donuts is a rapid fire mix of over 30 tracks with Motown beats. I don't think any of the songs last more than two minutes. This album rocks and reminds a bit of Madvillian. Jay Dee died just after its release which seems to happen a lot when you are a hip hop fan. I don't think he was shot by anybody and he will be missed. RIP Jay Dee.

Ali Farka Toure- Savane

I saw Ali Farka Toure years ago at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. It was a truly excellent show and his new albums is solid. from top to bottom. Savane has many highlights and I am not even a huge fan of the blues. Ali Farka Toure also died this year and will be missed. RIP to Mali's finest, a true bluesman.

TI- King

Like almost every hip hop album TI has plenty of misses but this album also has many hits. The beats are pretty regular, dirty south-timbaland style club jams but TI takes it to another level with his mic stylings. He really shines on a lot of tracks even if the lyrics on many others are inane. If i was cool and had a pimped out caddillac this is what I would be listening to.

Isis- In the Absence of Truth

I had never heard of Isis before this year and they were a revelation. Spacey metal riffs with understated grind core vocals. Kind of like progressive rock for the grind core set, if you know what I mean.The more I listen to this album the more impressed I am. This will take some listening to but it grows on you, like pork floss in your congee.

Muse- Black Holes and Revelations

My friend Lee turned me onto these guys a few years back with their solid album Absolution. This is a solid album and almost made the top ten. They are trying to be different and have all sorts of interesting sounds and influences all over the album. My only problem is that I can't shake the Radiohead flashbacks.



el spencer said...

hey ell...

we have a band here in Taichung and instead of random spamming, i think I'll just spam randomly.

anyway, do you use myspace? that's great for finding new tunes...glad to see Pearl Jam on your list cause I love those guys!

Big Ell said...

El Spencer

I have a myspace account but have nothing up. I will check out your site. I have been checking out lots of Taiwan bands on myspace. I am planning a post and links but things move slowly in my world.