Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Caption Contest

Yes Jacky, of course it's loaded

Handle with care
School children in Tainan yesterday get the chance to handle a real rifle under the supervision of a policeman during a field trip to their local police station.

Regular readers to this blog know that Big Ell loves to start new features with the promise that these new features will lead Big Ell to update his blog more often. Wishful thinking on Big Ell’s part. With that in mind, Big Ell is starting a new feature cleverly called ‘Caption Contest.’ From time to time, Big Ell will post a picture with a caption and ask my multitude of readers to post a caption in the comments section. After some time Big Ell will post an update with the best caption winning the contest; hence the name Caption Contest. The winning commenter will get Big Ell’s eternal gratitude and a beer. Never mind the fact that Big Ell rarely leaves his compound and is scared of Taichung bars without bar in the name. Count yourself lucky (or unlucky) if you manage to run into me at a place selling libations. You will be even luckier if Big Ell has the money to buy you a beer, as it appears that Mrs. Big Ell has halved his already meager weekly allowance. Big Ell would damn her to hell but then his allowance may disappear altogether.

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I guess that the sniper rifle in the background is less popular with the kids. I suppose it isn't loaded like the AK-47 they are holding. As well, if you look closely you will see an unattended kid playing with another gun. No wonder the cops are still wearing their bullet proof vests.

I remember when I was a kid and the school liason cop came to the school. He wouldn't even take his gun out of his holster, no matter how much we begged. Oh to be young (in Taiwan) again...

My entries:

"Due to overcrowing in the city, Tainan has introduced new population control methods."


"Here police demostrate their new anti-mafia program geared at children. Their motto: Join our side and you get bigger guns."