Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Life and Times Of Big Ell

Big Ell, PJ and Sean by the pool in Phuket.

I have been very busy for the past month which is my excuse for not updating this blog for such a long time. I would like to sincerely apologize to the 4-5 people who regularly read this blog. Now that Big Ell’s Blog is almost a year old, I plan to update this blog more than 3-4 times a month. I do have a number of compelling excuses for my absence. 1.) My wife is in the third trimester of pregnancy and doesn’t like Big Ell staying up into the wee hours to update his blog. 2.) On July 2nd we filmed a Thanksgiving segment for a potential TV show that took a ton of time to prepare and execute. 3.) I spent a week in Phuket, Thailand attending my friend the Socialist Redneck’s wedding. Now that the excuses are out of the way here are some thoughts about the events of the past month.

  • Don’t fuck with the turkey butchering woman at the market she’ll slit your throat in a second with an exacto knife.
  • Thanksgiving dinner was never meant to be cooked in the tropics in July.
  • If you are ever planning to cook a mock thanksgiving dinner for 25-30 people ask Cookie for help, she is a life saver and bakes a mean apple pie.
  • Paul Becker of LM Productions and Ryan McClure are professionals and should be used if you want anything filmed and/or edited.
  • Big Ell is much more comfortable in front of the camera after a half dozen beers.
  • Phuket is much like the rest of Thailand only it has better waves, a TESCO, 7-11s and higher prices.
  • It is difficult to see any Tsunami damage in Phuket. I guess that is what happens when 1 billion baht is spent in reconstruction over six months.
  • PJ hates British wankers in Phuket almost as much as he hates British wankers in Taichung.
  • Thai chefs can make delicious cuisine from any country.
  • Getting to eat Thai food for a week almost makes up for the fact that I get to eat Taiwanese food for the other 51, almost.
  • Taiwanese tourists have difficulties navigating baggage carts.
  • Getting hit repeatedly in the Achilles heel by baggage carts hurts like hell.
  • CKS Airport sucks ass.

Quotes of the month:

  • "Thai women want your wallet while Taiwanese women want your heart." PJ to the Socialist Redneck's uncle Craig.
  • “I’m like a movie star in Taiwan; I can get any woman I want.” PJ to the Social Redneck’s aunt Patty.


Donna said...

Ell, I love reading your blogs

Fraser said...

Welcome home. Just think, only 51 and a half weeks until your next vacation.

Lee said...

Everyone should go on vacation with PJ at least once.