Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Great White North


Growing up in Calgary we had a show called Crime Stoppers that played at the end of local news broadcasts. The basic premise was that they would reenact unsolved crimes and the public could earn up to $2000 if they knew anything about the crime that could lead to an arrest. When I moved to Vancouver there was a show called To Serve and Protect. It was essentially a rip-off of the Fox show COPS. It was usually entertaining with the sort of problems big Canadian cities have, drunk driving, bar fights and drug busts. The show was eventually cancelled in part because of charges of police brutality.

The Greater Vancouver Regional District has now developed the "Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team- IMPACT". IMPACT has implemented a program called Bait Car. The cops place vehicles around town with the intention of having them get stolen. The cars are equipped with video cameras and microphones to record the actions of the car thieves. They show the videotapes on local news shows to see if anyone can identify the perpetrators. The Baitcar site has it all, all sorts of different busts and some hilarious dialogue. Unfortunately the cops have installed a program to disable the Baitcar engines so no fiery crashes. If you lived in Vancouver or the lower mainland you will be stoked.

My personal favorites:
  • So Much for Going Home: Listen carefully for the Scottish-Canadian cop who makes the bust, hilarious.
  • Oh no: The guy is listening to the Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony while trying to get away. With the classic line “Please, don’t let the dogs chew me!”
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