Friday, May 27, 2005

Wasting Time

Big Ell is angry. The daily work world in Taichung laid a beat down on Big Ell this week. Visions of postal workers danced through Big Ell’s head. The weekend is here and Big Ell must forget about dealing with a certain unscrupulous ‘buxiban laoban,’ and focus his attention on more positive things like interesting and entertaining web pages that can be found in the latest edition of Wasting Time.

This is for DJ Pierre as I won’t be able to attend Fuji Rock because of the aforementioned angriness. I am disappointed that I will be unable to see a show that boasts, Queens of the Stone Age, New Order, Coldplay, The Pogues, Steel Pulse, The Beach Boys and The Knack! Well anyway, check out this page with a program on the history of sampling. Did you know that Ice Cube has sampled George Clinton’s Atomic Dog six times! I didn’t think so.

This is dedicated to a friend from back home, Jay Unsworth, who definitely knew how to dance like a white guy. I have been known to do ‘the Cracker Squirm,’ when intoxicated.

This link is a comprehensive list of Simpson’s Drug References. I can't believe that I forgot them all.

For those folks in Taiwan, if your looking for a fix of the Daily Show, check out this link with some torrents.
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Bread said...

Are you going to die soon? I keep getting this since of seasons in the sun with all the this is for blah blah blah. I am worried ell, if you go, who will be the commish in our baseball league?

Fraser said...

I can't get the Simpson's link to work

BigEll said...

Many have said I died a long time ago. Got that link fixed up Fraser.

TheBeatSymposium said...

pity about that...already had visions of me and you with big jugs of bear going up and down the ski-lift. finding a strong enough replacement might be a problem in japan.
take it easy