Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wasting Time

I am four days late with the new Wasting Time. I apologize to the 4-5 people who read this Blog on a regular basis. My dream to get linked to Chewin in the Chung seems more like a pipe dream these days. I meant to send this one out on Sunday night but didn't get back from Hong Kong until late. I also brought back a cold caused by the sub arctic air con unit in my hotel room that wouldn't adjust. I am also dealing with a dog, that won't stop itching and is able to spit out pills hidden in processed cheese. So you can see I have an interesting life and some excuses but to quote my piece of shit High School Football-Basketball coach Craig Foley "Excuses are for losers!" So here we go.
  • If you’ve been wondering what Jesus is up to these days check out his journal The Diary of Jesus. Who knew that Jesus listens to Weird Al?
  • I don't know about you but I can never get enough Jesus. Check out this site to get your weekly fix.
  • Tired of your jockeys holding your boys to tight? Don’t like your boys flailing around in your boxers? Then pick up a pair of sac free underwear.
  • Finally, all you people better get used to Buster San Marino. If you don't know, you better ask somebody.
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Fraser said...

I can't get the first, second and fourth links to work.

Big Ell said...

I had to get rid of the pig link but the others should now work, sorry.

Karl said...

It is difficult to get a link from Chewin in the Chung without first offering up huge amounts of gratuitous flattery to Karl. You need more entries like: "I saw Karl the other day. He sure does rock.", or "Can anyone tell me why Karl is just so damn cool?"

TheBeatSymposium said...

i know all about the ," dealing with a dog, that won't stop itching and is able to spit out pills hidden in processed cheese"- you should try it with cats- fuckin' nightmare and they scratch- don't fall for the cheeze either.
check out: you'll laugh ur cunt off! Pierre