Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wasting Time

I have added another feature to Big Ell's Blog, called Wasting Time. In this section I will post links to some sites that I find interesting, weird, funny or offensive. I am hoping to update Wasting Time every weekend. I know what you're thinking, there are tons of sites that already do this. My motive isn't pure, it is a desire to get linked to Chewin in the Chung, the Ali Shan of Taichung sites. I now realize that posting once every 10-14 days doesn't meet Chaon's strict requirements for linkage. I believe that this feature will help rectify the situation.
  • This is for my friend Dave Monteyne, a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota. It is a site for unrealized Soviet era architecture. I really like the first Palace of Soviets and the Aeroflot Building.
  • This is for Brett who will be heading back to grad school and for the half dozen foreigners in Taichung who actually went to university. It is by the Prangstgrup and is called Lecture Musical.
  • Everyone who knows Big Ell, knows he loves Hip Hop and Mr. T. With Mother's day fast approaching here is a clip from ifilm with Mr. T rapping about his mother.
  • This is another link for those people who love Mr. T. You can pick up your own Mr. T comic book in May.
  • For all of you kindergarten teachers here is at link to some fantastic new coloring book pages. My personal favorite is "I knew I shouldn't have eaten that homeless kid. Now I have gas, great!
  • Here is a link to buy some Ron Mexico merchandise. Who is Ron Mexico? Ron Mexico is the alleged alias of Michael Vick the star Atlanta Falcons QB. Rumor has it that he has been spreading herpes to unsuspecting victims and telling them his name is Ron Mexico. To all members of my fantasy football league, my team is now called Ron Mexico.
(Disregard continue here)

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We need you for the 24th. Rugby, football and those other those other things.

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i'm touched.