Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Republic of Corruption

The Taiwan election year is over and things are back to normal. The Pan Blues (KMT and PFP) managed to win another slim majority in the legislature. I was pissed but with a low voter turnout the Greens (DPP-TSU) were doomed. I was even more depressed that the Big Ell endorsed candidate TS Young failed to win a seat. No Nose managed to win a seat which didn't surprise me, she has moxy. I am not sure what happened to the Angry Guy. Hopefully I will see the Angry Guy 'throwdown,' with No Nose in the legislature in the near future.

Some other things going down in Taiwan and China.
  • Beijing makes the decison to enact a law against secession. Where do you think this law is directed? Not to mention the numerous missiles pointed our way. Lien Chan has to be thinking, "How long before I am named Emperor once the Chinese come?
  • So in the category of unlikely bedfellows the DPP-PFP may be getting closer. It would be sweet to see James Soong finally lose it and back his swarn enemy Chen Shui Bian.

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