Friday, November 14, 2008

33 and a 1/3

Seeing that it is almost 2009 it is high time to give you Big Ell's Top 20 Albums for 2007.

20. LP by Holy Fuck (XL)
Canada seems to be leading the rest of the Indy world with lots of top quality bands and tunes. I am not sure how to categorize Holy Fuck but they are easily one of the most original Canadian bands going. 21st century electronica from Toronto with some aggressive instrumentation and the drummer from Blue radio for fuck all.
Best Tracks: Milk Shake, Frenchy’s and Chopper

Milkshake- Holy Fuck

19. The Undisputed Truth by Brother Ali (Rhymesayers Entertainment )
Like I told TGR Albino Muslims rock the mic hard. Now I’ve found out that Brother Ali he is blind and looks a bit like this blogger. The politics are harder than Wellstone and who would have thought that beats like this could come from Minneapolis.
Shit the government is an addict, with a billion dollar a week kill brown people habit.
Best Tracks: Lookin’ at Me Sideways, Truth Is Here, Uncle Sam Goddamn

Truth is Here- Brother Ali

18. 100 Days, 100 Nights by Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings (Daptone)
Listening to Sharon Jones makes me wonder what all the fuss is about Amy Winehouse. Sharon Jones’ late 60s early 70s R&B vocals destroy Amy Winehouse and all the other pretenders out there today. She has the greatest voice in the business and plus you get the incredibly tight Dap-King beats.
Best Tracks: Nobody’s Baby, Tell Me, Be Easy, Keep on Looking and the Collection Song

Keep on Looking- Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

17. Year Zero by Nine Inch Nails (Universal Japan)
I never had a trench coat, not to say I don’t like them but I never had one. I’ve only really listened to one Trent Reznor disc and never got into the industrial music scene. This album by Trent Rezner is excellent even though a few tracks have been over played on local radio. It is supposed to be a concept album and I still like it, what are the odds?
Best Tracks: The Beginning of the End, Capital G and God Given

Capital G- Nine Inch Nails

16. An Ocean Apart by As I Lay Dying (Metal Blade)
More melodic vocals join the lightning quick twin guitar attack on this stellar release by As I Lay Dying. I dig most Metal Blade artists these days as I can’t seem to get enough Metal. My friend on CBC characterized these boys as Death Metal which shows that civil servant intellectuals shouldn’t talk about metal. These boys are straight from the speed metal or hardcore scene with a splash of classic metal.
Best Tracks: Nothing Left, An Ocean Between Us, Foresaken and Bury Us All

Foresaken by As I Lay Dying

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