Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wasting Time

Here is the latest installment of the Big Ell favorite Wasting Time.

The people at Cracked have compiled a great list of the Ten Best Places To Hang Out Once You’ve Lost Your Job. I especially liked #10 the library:
You can often find a wide assortment of “free men” just like yourself bathing in the bathroom to get “that stink” out their clothes. The library is sweet if you don’t mind the lack of prostitutes or gangster rap music.
I also liked #2- Red Light Districts:
Hookers make good punching practice. Just make sure you get sucky sucky before you start getting all Ivan Drago on them.
I am hoping that the next list will be the Ten Best Jobs to Get Once You’ve Lost Your Dead End No Skills Job. Teaching ESL in Taiwan would have to be #1.

There has been a wide variety of movie mash-ups making there way around the Net. This one is funny; Scarface got his groove back.

Have you ever wondered about the history of head banging? Then check out this wikipedia entry. I really like the explanations of the different head banging styles and their leading practitioners. Back in the day I did the low profile and would kick into the half-circle when songs like Angel of Death started.

Here is a link to Stuff magazine's, Ten most ridiculous heavy metal album covers. While I agree that these ten are ridiculous I believe that they missed some classics. This has the makings of a stand alone post but in the mean time here are two classice that were left out:

Animal (F**K Like A Beast) by W.A.S.P.

Beastiality by The Hand
some Beasts



Des said...

I never thought I'd see an album cover as b ad as that Scorpions cover (you know the one) but "Bestiality" takes the cake!

BigEll said...

I couldn't find the orignal Scorpions something about a Virgin cover. Beastiality does rock though!

Sergio said...

nice blog~~

Sergio said...

Check this out pal:

BigEll said...

Sergio, that is a an excellent clip. I kep thinking that Ozzy was going to have a heart attack. Plus all the guys in the audience sporting ties was a nice touch.

Sergio said...

Well,actually I've checked three versions of this mysterious song(Mr. crowley):Zakk Wylde
,Jack E. Lee,and Randy Rhoads .I thought that Jack was the best.Backing 1980,Randy was just a kid whose death was a horrible defeat to Ozzy--Randy and friends were on a small airplane crashed on the ground(at age 25).I never saw his performance before.Can you image such a talent--both skills and melodies--in the early 70s? Here is another great song that inspired so many guitar players--Crazy Train.
Damn! How could a genius like Randy die so young?