Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Great White North

The Gooey Goodness of Canadian Empire

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A few years ago, the blog world was in a tizzy after Burger King opened a restaurant at the Baghdad International Airport formerly known as Saddam International. The left viewed it as another sign of the creeping American empire while the right viewed it as an opportunity to ween American soldiers off the ruz mufalal and baklawa they were becoming addicted to eating.

Apparently U.S. soldiers serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan also have their own Burger King in addition to a Subway and Pizza Hut. Canada (never to be outdone by their Southern rivals) has decided to follow suit. 100 apply for Kandahar Tim's jobs. Yes, the gooey goodness of Canadian Empire has inched ahead. While still far behind their American rivals, Canada will be exporting 100% pure Tim Hortons donut goodness to Afghanistan.

Photograph by: Stephen MacGillivray, Canadian Press

This is just what our men and women abroad need to defeat the Taliban/militants/deadenders; more coffee and donuts. It will keep soldiers awake and help protect against suicide bombers and roadside bombs.

Tim Hortons spokesman Greg Skinner said the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency will run the coffee shop in Kandahar as it does on Canadian military bases across the country.

Yes, except for the fact that it will be in Kandahar which doesn't sound like as much fun as Kitchener. I would love to be able to see this ad.

"Live the Adventure in Afghanistan," the ad trumpeted, touting a job that's "out of the ordinary" and a "change from the everyday routine."

The pay is good, especially by Afghani standards. Unless of course you’re a drug lord or a civilian contractor then you’re rolling in it.

Those chosen will sign up for a six-month stint in the war zone. Smiley said salaries for jobs at the Kandahar Tim's are in the $31,000 to $34,000 annual range, with a monthly living allowance of $1,800.

Maybe some long term Canadian ex-pats in Taiwan who are heading home can use this as a stepping stone to life back in Canada. Just a thought.

And thanks to PM Steven Harper, Canadian service people will be enjoying Timbits in Kandahar for at least two more years while Canada's first female casualty is brought back home.


Bread said...

Not sure if you can pin the continued presence of canadian soldiers in afghanistan soley on harper. seems to me that nato charters were invoked four years ago, and the continued occupation was voted on by a majority (of two) in a parliament where conservatives do not hold even close to a majority...don't run him into the ground on this one elliot, there will be other opportunities i am sure..

BigEll said...

You're right. There were other factors like the liberal split and softwood lumber, to name a few.

bizofknowledge said...

What a great news story! I wonder if they had many donut addicts apply? I wonder what the business is like for Timmy. What do you think the best selling donut will be?

Blogger said...

Anyone else wants a FREE BURGER KING GIFTCARD?