Friday, April 07, 2006

Wasting Time

George Psalmanazar

In the wake of Chinese Alligator Lizard Gate I have decided to go back to what I know best. So here is another edition of a Big Ell favorite Wasting Time.

My school is a bit different than most schools in Taiwan. They will pretty much hire anyone. It doesn't really matter if you are an ABC, a fake abc, black, brown or white, if you show up for work on time you have a job. In the past year we hired a German Dutch native English speaker and he finally left our school last week. So to honor this impostor I have included a link to the top ten impostors of all time. Be sure to check out George Psalmanazar, the first Formosan to visit Europe.

As an English teacher I find this video of Sexy Teaching to be an invaluable teaching tool; even with the poor pronunciation and missing articles. Maybe I have been living in Taiwan too long but when did ‘cockpit,’ become part of the Sexy English lexicon.

Words to live by porn star Kammi Andrew ;
"By the time the third drug dealer has shown up and left your set you know the shoot is not going to go well."
"She'll be really hot once she hits bottom and cleans up"
Here is a list of the top ten ways to destroy the earth. I always though that the Earth being pulverized by impact with blunt instrument would rank higher than #3 but I am not much of a science guy.

I like Jon Stewart. This is one of his best lines after W takes the piss out of Hilary during the State of the Union address.

Here are a couple of clips of David Cross on the Colbert Report. Cross plays liberal radio host Russ Lieber.

This is the second Colbert Report with David Cross playing and discussing school vouchers. “I know one thing; kids don’t want to be hugged by nuclear arms.”

I am a big fan of fictional products . I always order a Big Kahuna Burger, a side of Soylent green with a Buzz cola.


Sean Reilly said...

'Deeeck' is the funniest part until 'blowing job' near the very end.

Kami Andrews said...

"Honey don't do lines off the floor every one can see under the stall"