Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wasting Time

Here is the latest edition of a Big Ell's Blog favorite; Wasting Time.

I was watching CNN the other night when Larry King came on. I was about to turn when I realized Bill Maher was guest hosting. I used to watch his Politically Incorrect show when I lived in Vancouver and it was always mildly entertaining. Bill Maher was more entertaining this time around and to tell you the truth I don't know why. I doubt that he has really changed much but I am easily entertained these days. Evidently he now has a show on HBO. I went to the web site and stumbled upon Bill Maher’s New Rules bit. I found it quite hit and miss but thise was my favorite:
And in honor of the president's trip to South America, New Rule: You can't wear a Che Guevara tee-shirt with your designer jeans unless you're trying to be ironic. One is a symbol for impoverished workers. The other was sewn by them. You want to support the poor people in Latin America? Buy more coke.
This is a pretty funny skit that shows Bill Gates running like a girl running like a girl. The opening bit with ‘Steve Jobs,’ is a annoying but Bill running is pure gold. I would like Bill to know that I actually own a legitimate copy of XP and hope that he doesn’t send any thugs to break my legs.

This site has some pretty boring games but I found the Assassin game wildly amusing.

I only played Counterstrike a handful of times because I don’t like 1st person shooters, . I do fully understand the allure of this game and know countless addicts. That’s why I found ths video from a Counterstrike competition wildly amusing. Remember cheaters never prosper.

Keeping with the video game theme here is junior high school band playing the halo theme song.

I am not sure of the veracity of this videos but they are funny. They are allegedly videos from hidden security cameras. The courier video looks staged but the other two are quite funny.



Sean Reilly said...

The cheater video was excellent. Do you think it was authentic? I wanted to do that to my computer all last week and it was extremely gratifying to see the computer smash into a billion pieces in the parking lot. It would be even better to see mine explode across Hwa Mei Shi Jia but now I'm going to wit until I have a video camera...

p.s. Can I borrow your video camera?

The Spaceman said...

I half expected Gates to swat at a cockroach or a spider in his hair while running on the spot. Such is sissiness.