Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Life and Times of Big Ell

After a two month long break from my Blog, Big Ell is back. I want to apologize to the hand full of folks who actually read this blog. I was thinking of shutting it down completely but got a few words of encouragement from a loyal reader and have decided to keep plugging away. One of my New Years resolutions is to post four or five times a month. The fact is that it is already mid January and this is my first post of the month. So the chances of keeping this resolution are sliml. Here is a list of some other of Big Ell’s 2006 New Years Resolutions:

1. Quit Smoking
2. More Exercise
3. Lose Weight
4. Study Chinese
5. Become Spirtual
6. Take up Yoga
7. Eat more cheese burgers

So you can see that I haven't been very sucessful yet. I should be able to keep resolution #7 with my new Le Creuset cast iron grill. Mrs. Big Ell always buys Big Ell great gifts and that great piece of equipment makes a mean cheese burger. Maybe I'll have to cut out the cheese if I want to achieve #3.

My High School Football coach always said “Excuses are for losers!” So with that in mind I want to give you a myriad of excuses that I have created for my extended absence from Big Ell’s Blog.

First, babies take a lot more time than I thought. I figured she would sleep a lot more allowing me to spend my nights writing. All you other fathers can stop laughing. She really doesn’t like sleeping that much even when she is very tired; just like her old man. She does like it when I play with her and sing to her. To be honest I find that a lot more interesting than writing about Taiwan politics, music or linking to fights.

Second, school becomes very chaotic in December and January with Christmas performances, tests and preparing for speech contests. I have written close to thirty different fairly original speeches. Some of you may be wondering why the teacher has to write the speeches for a speech contest where the contestants are the kids. To quote Al Davis “Just win baby.” The logic is that there is a better chance for the kids to win if the foreign teachers write the speeches. This is especially true when the competitors at other schools don’t have the same advantage. Rigging speech contests is a speciality of mine. If any of my speeches win I will post them here for your enjoyment.

Third, the Big Ell clan headed to Calgary for Christmas. It was great to be in Calgary for Christmas. We had great weather (+14 on Christmas Day) and it was great to show off my baby to all of my family and friends. Calgarians are rolling in black gold these days and it was a real eye opener. This deserves a post of its own.

Fourth, the demise of the weekly Blog Round-Up over at the View From Taiwan. The weekly round up gave me and other Taiwan bloggers and excuse to Blog on something about Taiwan on at least a weekly basis. The jump in hits and Mr. Turton’s commentary made making the round up a must. I was despondent when he stopped writing it and am only now recovering. Damn you Michael Turton, damn you.

Fifth, I couldn’t really think of anything to write about. But like Ariel Sharon I have been rejuvenated. My writer’s block has lifted and I am ready for 2006. Expect to see more pieces on Taiwanese politics in Republic of Corruption. I also hope to write some other stuff about Taiwan, to show the more positive aspects of life in Taiwan. This new feature will be called Fabulous Formosa. I laos want to write more on world politics in Big Ell's Soapbox. I also want to write more about Canada in the Great White North. I will also continue to write about music I find and like in 33 and a 1/3. There will be more book reviews for Big Ell's Bookshelf as I picked up even more books while back home. I will also continue to post links to weird/interesting/disturbing stuff in my Wasting Time posts. I have a few other ideas but don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. Anyway, Happy New Years to all of my readers and may the Steelers smite the Colts tomorrow.

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Des said...

First, babies take a lot more time than I thought. I figured she would sleep a lot more allowing me to spend my nights writing. All you other fathers can stop laughing.

Wow...I thought I was reading my own thoughts until I got to "she" and realized I have a boy.

Good to see I'm not alone.