Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Republic of Corruption

Big Ell's Peace and Love Summit 2004Posted by Hello

With the Taiwanese Legislative elections only a month away, Big Ell of Big Ell's Blog decided to invite the leaders of the main parties to his Taiping Hideaway. The summit focused on issues of National Security, the March Election and James Soong. While not much was accomplished, both parties did agree that the PFP leader Mr. Soong wasn't to be trusted and should be sent back to China along with all his waishenren (mainlanders) friends. When asked if he was a weishenren the KMT's Lien Chan responded "I chew beetle nut, run red lights and have a harem of Chinese whores, I am as Taiwanese as they come!" They also agreed that Big Ell and Mrs. Big Ell put on quite a spread. From his Taipei mansion Lien Chan added "It was a good meeting but A-Bien still won't admit to staging the shooting. It wasn't a total waste I did take $5000 NT off the little bastard playing Mah Jong." Taiwanese President Chen Shui Bian responded from the Presidential Palace"I enjoyed the weekend but Lien still won't return the money the KMT stole from the Taiwanese People. But hey at least I got to sample some Taiping beetle nut girls." Big Ell is always happy to make his house a home in the name of peace and love.

Big Ell

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Anonymous said...

Mister Erriott,

The pictures of me and Annette Lu dancing by the pool were very interesting. The composition and lighting were superb.

You better hope you gave me all the negatives...

S. Chewey