Thursday, November 04, 2004

America Uber Alles

George W. Bush was finally elected President of the United States on Tuesday. Mrs. Big Ell pulled my head out of the oven long enough for me to write this . I can't say as I am surprised but I am extremely disappointed. I got caught up in the youth registration/voter bullshit. I bought into the assumption that the economy and Iraq were important election issues. I grasped at the exit polling straws. I misunderstood the power of the homophobic Christian fundamentalists. I forgot that these bigots usually vote. Most of all I underestimated the power of Karl Rove to shape the opinions of the American Electorate. Where do I go from here? Back down to stairs to put my head back in the oven.

Big Ell


Sean Reilly said...
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Sean Reilly said...

Why were the exit polls so different from the outcome in so many key states? Do you want to see something else that was interesting about the vote in Florida, to name a key state? Check out these (
graphs that were put together by ( They seem to suggest that in districts that used the optical scanners for counting strong Democrat districts went heavily for Bushco. This voting trend doesn't seem to occur where other forms of counting are used. Funny old world.