Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Republic of Corruption

The controversy surrounding the Taiwanese Election on March 19th hasn't stopped. A group of Taiwanese expatriates has set up a web site detailing their grievances with President Chen. The same group sent e-mails to members of Congress in the USA apparently trying to show that President Chen is a dictator. They claim he will lead the USA into war with China. They also rehashed many old criticisms that came out after the shooting. They also claim to be independent of the KMT, which is dubious because the arguments they use are almost word for word the KMT-PFP party line. Most Big Ell-ites are up on history, do some comparative analysis and see if Chen and Hitler are comparable. Personally I think it may be more of a diversion from the ongoing investigations into KMT political corruption. I will detail this subject in a later post and try and detail a number of former KMT stalwarts on the run or doing jailtime in the ROC. I am sorry that I haven't been writing much on the election been more preoccupied with corruption but it is all one in the same. I will try to do better. Thanks to Geoff for sending this link to me.


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