Wednesday, September 29, 2004

33 and a 1/3

33 and a 1/3 is a new addition to the ever expanding Big Ell’s Blog. It will contain reviews of music I am listening to. Sorry I don’t have the time to review past gems, what more can be said of masterpieces like ‘Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables” or “Volume 4.” It will contain full album and singles reviews. I plan on reviewing all sorts of music but will focus on the three genres I listen to the most. Hip Hop because I’m dope, yo! Heavy Metal because I RAWK! Finally I will add Punk reviews because I once had a Mohawk. I will also included some guest reviews from audiophiles the world over.

I have also included the patented Big Ell Ratings system, which I stole from my cousin Stephen.

* Murder 1- Penalty: 25 - Life (or death); “This CD is a killer, get it or you’ll be riding the lightning!”
* Murder 2- (intentional but not premeditated) Penalty: 8 – Life; “This CD rocks you’ll be doing 8 to life if you don’t give it a listen!”
* Manslaughter- (unintentional and not premeditated) Penalty: 3 – 20; "You'll be out before you're grey and probably still cranking this CD!”
* Vehicular Homicide-Penalty 3 – 10; “You should have run down someone in this band, BEFORE they made this CD!"
* Negligence Causing Death (not a criminal penalty - will be sued by victims’ family) Penalty is financial pay-out. "Like O.J - this piece of crap band just got away with murder!"

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